Our Food Pantry is partnering with the Ladies of Charity!

The Ladies of Charity supplies our food pantry with 55-60 full bags of groceries each month.

Food donations are also sorely needed from our parish members. We are calling our parish food collection drive the “S.T.O.P.Hunger” program. Please bring food when you come for Mass according to the following recommended schedule:

S. – Soups (canned) – the first weekend of each month

T. – Tuna and/or Toiletries – the 2nd weekend

O. – Oranges & other fruit (canned) – the 3rd weekend

P. – Peanut Butter – the 4th weekend


Our next delivery date is Mon., Nov. 13, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the parish hall. For more info, call Karen Blum at 748-5445.