Faith Formation

Faith Formation is a lifelong process by which we consciously mature in faith in Christ, in love and service to all, and in Christian witness through experience, reflection, prayer, and study. Our goal is to become a community in which each member has the opportunity and the encouragement to develop a mature faith that is living, explicit, and fruitful.

Living Faith is active. It grows and develops over time; it learns from experience; it adapts to changing conditions while maintaining its essential identity. Where living faith is present, the Holy Spirit is at work in the life of the disciple.

Explicit Faith is deeply rooted in a personal knowledge of Jesus: it is lived in the Christian community; and it is connected to the life, teaching, and mission of the church.

Fruitful Faith is open to the action and power of the God’s spirit; it is active and productive; it bears the fruits of justice, compassion, and evangelization.

For more information about Faith Formation at Immaculate Conception Church, contact Brigid Johnson at or (865) 522-1508.