Nearly 40 years ago churches in Knox County organized FISH to help the people of Knox County who were in need of food. FISH works to reduce hunger in our community by providing food to those needing temporary assistance. The bags of food provided by FISH are intended to be a three-day emergency supply.

Immaculate Conception is one of 26 churches helping to reduce hunger in our community. FISH provides food to more than 82,000 calls for help annually. In Knox County more than 50,000 people live below the poverty line, including about 14,000 children.

The Immaculate Conception FISH program helps several hundred families and individuals annually. Being involved in FISH is a highly rewarding activity. For additional information contact the parish office at or at (865) 522-1508.

If you know a person in need of food please call FISH of Knox County at (865) 523-7900.