Immaculate Conception’s Weekly Bulletins are provided for the last eight weeks. If you would like an earlier version contact Jenifer Dills at icbulletin@bellsouth.net or (865) 522-1508. Please support our advertisers who graciously pay for the publication of our bulletins.

Important Updates:

Our Holiday Brunch for Parish Volunteers has been postponed.  We will reschedule at a later date next year.

The deadline for submitting farewell messages for Fr. Ron’s goodbye gift is Dec. 6.

“Blind Eyes Opened” Movie Postponed: Due to the rising amount of COVID-19 cases / deaths in Knoxville, the church viewing of Blind Eyes Opened has been postponed to healthier times. Two copies of the movie will be available on loan from the church office. Those wishing to watch the DVD in their own private setting are able to borrow it for one week.  Envelopes will be provided to those borrowing the DVD to contribute a cash donation which will be given to Knoxville’s Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking (CCAHT). Noncash donations are also welcome.  A $25 fee will be levied for DVDs that are not returned.

Haiti Christmas Wreaths will be available for pickup at the Sunday Masses this weekend. If you need to schedule an alternate time, please contact Teresa Kiser at (865) 661-3906.

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