Prayer Requests

Please remember these parishioners and friends who are ill or who have recently passed away in your prayers and thoughts. Please Join us in a prayer to our Blessed Virgin Mary for those who have requested special prayers. If you would like to add a loved-one to our Request for Special Prayers page, please contact the parish office at

Remember in your prayers…

Annette Andrews


Jennifer Blake

Bob Brimi

Fr. Bill Brimley, CSP

Avery Browning

Irene Cecere

Tom Chandler

Fr. Joe Ciccone, CSP

Maggie Costigan

Ron Cross

Megan McMurray Dugan

Robert Aldworth Foster

Cherry Gambol

Liz Gann

Maria Gervin

Ruby Gillespie

Richard Guay

Bill Healy

Lois Humphrey


Kelle Jolly

Veronica Jolly-Howell

Betty King

Patricia Kling

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz

Kent Latham

Noria Jeanne Likobo Ekaso

Diane Longo

Anna McNair

Peggy Moore

Ernestine Morigne

Ann Morse

Brook Nickerson


Lily Ostermayr

Peter Ostermayr

Victoria Ostermayr

Louis Rankin

Michael Rankin

Michael & Michele Rhinehart and family

Allison Riddell

Dorothy Romines

Freeda Ryan

Viola Schneider

Linda Schreiner

Shirley Sheffield

Pat Sohanchak

Patsy Trollinger

Janine Turley

Barbara Vest & family

Rose Vickery

Anthony Walles

Nicholas Walles

Jean Wedekind

Lorie Weeden

Ed White

Dani Willard

Grace Willard

Mary Catherine Willard

Sutton Williams-Gurley

James C. Wright, Sr.

Donald Zengel