Prayer Requests

Please remember these parishioners and friends who are ill or who have recently passed away in your prayers and thoughts. Please Join us in a prayer to our Blessed Virgin Mary for those who have requested special prayers. If you would like to add a loved-one to our Request for Special Prayers page, please contact the parish office at

Remember in your prayers…

Hazel Allegree

Annette Andrews

Todd Birdwell

Bonnie Black

Angela Bly

Tammy Bookbinder

John Breeden

Ruby Breeden

Dot Brown

Eric Butcher

Felicia Buttram

Cody Carr

Irene Cecere

Mary Chandler

Tom Chandler

Lauren Chase

Maggie Costigan

Cara Rain Cowell

Ron Cross

Stuart Daw

Rebecca Digmann

Megan Dugan

Robbie Edwards

Megan Emehiser

Anna Lee Stone Fine

Lucy Rebecca Foster

Rose Freeman

Liz Gann

Emily Garrity

Maria Gervin

Ruby Gillespie

Scott Goss

Richard Guay

Kitsy Hartley

+Shirley Hirsch

Chuck Holmes

Emily Hudson

Sheila Hudson

Agnes Hughes

Lois Humphrey

Becky Ilagan

Tyler Irwin

Pete Jenkins

Veronica Jolly

Jack Kramer

Kent Latham

Kenny Laperouse

Diane Longo

James Martin

Catherine Matlock

Judy McClon

Delbert McCoy

Patricia McFarland

Anna McNair

Peggy Moore

Ernestine Morigne

Sandra Nesbitt

Catherine Nevin

Robyn Norris

Lily Ostermayr

Peter Ostermayr

Victoria Ostermayr

Cody Patrick

Rick Patton

Eleanor Pickle

Kathy Pino

Gavin Pippin

John Potorski

Sonny Potorski

Sara Price

Joan Race

Louis Rankin

Michael Rankin

Diana Ray

Celeste Reedy

Kim Reeves

Allison Riddell

Joel Rivera

Dorothy Romines

Mia Roberts

Freeda Ryan

Carmelo Scuncio

Annie Sedders

Shirley Sheffield

Barbara Sirknen

Ben Smith

Candi Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Jimmy Smith

Jane Snidas

Cindy Loftis Snow

Ken Spencer

Elaine Steele

Nancy Stiefel

Jeff Stiles

John Swindeman

Ida Ticer

Gail Trent

Patsy Trollinger

Janine Turley

Julianna Tullos

Barbara Vest & family

Rose Vickery

Nicholas Walles

Lorie Weeden

Malcolm Wells

Kristie Whetsell

Melissa Whetsell

Grace Willard

Steven Willis

Jim Wood

Mary Ford Woody

James C. Wright, Sr.

Carole Wunderlich

Charlie Yurick

Donald Zengel

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